Benefits of Studying

in the UK

The country you choose to study in will make a lasting impact on both your career and growth. It is crucial to choose a destination that will mold you to be ‘ready’ for a global workplace. You need to choose a destination that will help you gain global exposure and broaden your horizon. The UK is such a destination which has set international benchmarks for world-class education. Here is how you can benefit from choosing to study in the UK:


Renowned Universities 

This region hosts some of the best-known universities and schools across the world. The United Kingdom universities perform well consistently in world rankings, and is home to 4 of the top 10 universities in the world. 


Top notch quality education 

Learning in UK will help you build the critical skills required to succeed in this knowledge worker era. You will be encouraged to think independently, critically analyze and question what you have learnt. 


Plenty of options in courses

In the UK you can choose from over 65,000 courses from over 150 universities in comparison to limited course options in your home country. 


Lower Education Costs

Compared to other popular destinations for international students like the United States or Australia, the courses in UK are shorter. This will help you bring down your overall accommodation costs and tuition fees. 


Financial Support 

Hundreds of bursaries, scholarships and additional financial support is offered by the UK government to students from different countries. The universities also offer financial assistance based on your eligibility. 


Work Opportunities 

If you are an international student in the UK, then during the school term you will be allowed to work up 20 hours a week. When the school is out of term you can work full-time. This can be beneficial in helping you fund your expenses and tuition. 


Better employability prospects 

If you get a degree from a UK university, it will be internationally recognized by government bodies, employers and universities. 


Window to the world 

Studying in UK can be your window to the world. Being a multicultural society, UK has a rich diversity of faiths, languages and culture. Studying in a UK university is a great way for you to experience diverse cultures, meet new people, expand your knowledge and enjoy new experiences. 


Work Permit after Study 

You will not only benefit while studying in the UK, you will benefit after completing your studies as well. The new post-study work visa enables you to stay up to two years in the country post completion of your graduation. 

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